Hopi Ear Candles

This is a relaxing treatment which has many benefits. When lit the candles works by creating a suction which allows an air flow towards the ear. This treatment also includes a an acupressure facial working on the pressure points to loosen any blockages enhancing the candle draw more waste produce from the ear canal, this will also relieve tension from the face and head area.

During the Treatment

Firstly a consultation will take place to ensure this treatment will be suitable for you. This treatment takes place on a massage couch. You lie on your side the therapist will check for inflammation and insert the candle into the ear. The therapist firmly holds the candle whilst also covering the face. Each candle takes approximately 10-15mins to burn down. During the treatment you may experience gentle heat around the ear and a feeling of pressure being released in the ears or sinuses. You may hear popping sounds and a pleasant crackling leaving you feel warm and relaxed.


  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Stimulation of energy flow and circulation
  • Soften and loosening of earwax
  • Helps with sinus problems, headaches and snoring
  • Relief from vertigo and tinnitus
  • Relief from pressure problems due to flying and diving
  • Reduced irritation of the ear
  • Helps improve senses, hearing, sound and taste

After the treatment

You should rest for 10mins and drink plenty of water. Avoid swimming and water activities. Ears may feel sensitive after treatment. Your therapist will go through an individual after care plan.

Duration – 45mins
Price - £25 (if mobile charges may ocurr)
Add cold stones for £5

Mobile charges will apply, price upon application

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