Indian Head Massge

This treatment helps you to relax, relieves tension, unblock blockages, calms the mind and spirit, a brilliant way as a stress reliever in natural effective way. Indian head massage is often used to relieve headaches and eyestrain and has been known to help hair loss. It encourages the blood flow to the head and relaxes nerve endings allowing the healing to take place. Touch is essential for stimulating our nerve endings promoting healthy physical development and is also good for mental and social development. This massage help drain away toxin build up on the skin leaving the skin with a healthy glow. The hair also has a treatment as the natural oils of the hair are spread through to the tips, leaving hair with a silky sift finish. This treatment has it all. Physical and psychological factors, it also makes us look and feel great.

During the Treatment

This massage is performed on a chair and can be done under or over clothing. We work on the head, scalp and face, neck and extending to the shoulders and upper back. Consultation will take place before treatment.


  • Relieves Headaches and eyestrain
  • Helps with sinus problems
  • Improves movement in the neck by breaking down the knots
  • Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles
  • Improved circulation of blood and increased oxygen uptake.
  • Stimulation and improvement of the circulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Excellent for disturbed sleep and insomnia
  • Help with mental tiredness and tension.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Relief from mental and emotional stress

After the treatment

To gain maximum benefits of this treatment try to rest as much as you can. This will help your body’s natural healing process to take place. You may feel light headed or possibly have a slight head ache after this treatment, this completely normal. You should avoid caffeine, so tee, cola and coffee.

Drink plenty of water or herbal tea, this will helps flush away those toxins! Try to avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least 24 hours. Please do not hesitate in calling your therapist for advice.

Duration - 30min
Price - £25

Mobile charges will apply, price upon application

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