This 2 hour pamper package is designed to eliminate toxins and detoxify the body. After this you will feel relaxed and pamper from head to toe! You will firstly enjoy a full body aromatherapy massage using some of the finest essential oils to suit your needs, followed by a Holistic Facial which concentrates on the pressure points relieving tension, sinus problems and invigorate and liven skin tone. Followed by a deep reflexology session to get those remaining toxins out of you system.
Perfect for a bride to be… £60

Revive and liven

Enjoy a deep full body massage followed by a full body salt scrub with essentials and rich oils. Awaken your muscles and skin. Banish that tired feeling; the essential oils that we use will still be working up to 10 hours after the treatment. This treatment will you feeling fresh and invigorated!!!
Perfect for him or her… £65

Devise your own pamper package for the perfect gift or why not treat for yourself!